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Edubridge International School Mumbai is an authorized IB Diploma School and a candidate IB School for the other 2 IB programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP). Our world-class teachers provide the best international school practices and curriculum for those families who want an outstanding international school in South Mumbai.
At the Edubridge International School Mumbai we offer our students a caring and inspiring atmosphere. In a safe and nurturing environment, students develop a genuine love for learning, quality and academic success.
A co-educational school, Edubridge uses the best practices available for International Schools, giving children in South Mumbai a wider perspective and an impressive range of strengths and skills.

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I would like to congratulate Mrs. Viral Parikh, Mr. Rraman Siingh, and Mr Michael Purcell for promoting Edubridge International School in South Mumbai. It is the only school in the area that offers students the full advantage of the International Baccalaureate Programme by offering all three programs, namely the Primary Years Program (PYP), the Middle Years Program (MYP) and the Diploma Program (DP). I have a cumulative experience of 21 years with these programs as a very involved parent and uncle. I can emphatically state that Edubridge, by staying with the full IB curriculum, will provide students a state of the art education.

I often argue with parents that they have no hesitation buying state of the art homes, cars and entertainment systems, but hesitate about giving their children a state of the art education! But once having made the decision to change, they realize the huge advantage they have given their children and wonder why they hesitated so long. Over the years, I have yet to meet a single unhappy parent or student for having been through the IB schools.

I wish Edubridge all success and have no doubt it will become the most sought after IB school in Mumbai in a very short period of time.

– Sir Cowasji Jehangir, Bt.

We moved our son from a traditional ICSE school to Edubridge International School that follows the IB curriculum in the 9th Grade. This was a big risk on our part but it has paid off big time. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to the staff and faculty of this School. They have managed to bring about a change in how our son thinks, talks, studies and manages his time.

He loves going to school and takes keen interest in all the activities at school. This school gives nearly equal importance to both physical and mental development of the child. The IB philosophy of a holistic education is definitely followed by the school to its fullest. We are quite confident that in the next few years, this school will be considered among one of the best IB schools in Mumbai.

– Mahtab Chhapkhanawala

My son has developed and evolved as a person and his individuality is being nurtured and refined, and he has blossomed in these last 8 months at Edubridge International School Mumbai. EIS has established a benchmark in academic teaching and educational standards.The love and care shown by not only the teachers but even the support staff has really touched my heart and I saw this with my own eyes, when my son had a fall in school and got hurt.

My son not only looks forward to going to school everyday but make sure, he shares his experiences with us and takes great pride in going to to EIS. My son is just 4 years old and in Junior KG, but his vocabulary and exposure puts me to shame! Thank you for looking after our son and nurturing him better than what we would do as parents!

– Behzad Kharas